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Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense

Sep 4, 2012

Radiant Defense is a free tower defense game that you can make even better with a handful of premium upgrades. For free you get an addictive tower defense game with cool graphics, fun gameplay, and a surprisingly awesome soundtrack, particularly with earphones. For less than one currency unit (£/$) you can buy a handful of extra towers ‘n’ powers and for up to 3 currency units (£2.66) you can buy everything they’ve got.

The neon bright graphics are an impressive touch that add an extra layer of eye candy only makes the challenging gameplay more fun to play and perfect.

The basic towers are everything you really need for the early levels – but the temptation to try out flame throwers, poison sprays and homing missiles will likely overwhelm you. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what Games for Tablets would recommend. The game only gets more fun as you add more abilities and for the price of a cup of cocoa you couldn’t get much more fun for your money.

However much you’re willing to spend, any tower defense connoisseur will get at least a few hours gameplay out of Radiant Defense and I expect most will opt to fork out the extra beer token for more alien smashing goodness.